Hairy Salad

Every year, my mothers garden salad is different. It is an amalgamation of whatever leaves, flowers and berries are edible at that time of yea, and often includes stems and a confused snail or two.

It's range is a testament to the potential biodiversity of our diets, and it in this vein I decided to map the plants that I was eating and document them. Above is the result of my research, with each of the plants that were in the salad at that time of year.

Below is a scaled, comprehensive map of the garden. The larger map with a key shows the salad plants, the smaller map is of all the plants in the garden, and the photo shows my original drawings.

6 months later I was back in the garden in autumn, and I collected and catalogued as many of the salad seeds that I could as a living record which could be planted elsewhere.

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