Since reading an article on the UN's advised global move towards a meat- and dairy-free diet, I have felt compelled to do my part in reducing environmental impact by following a plant-based diet.


After a year of being a vegan, I realised that it wasn't enough to change only my own lifestyle, and that real change can only be achieved communally. I decided to put my passions for food, health and environmental sustainability to use and become a recipe developer, with the aim of helping other people transition to - and maintain - an easy, low-cost vegan lifestyle. I strongly believe in using seasonal, local, organic produce where possible, and am an advocate of a zero-waste lifestyle. 


My recipes and their presentation are informed by my education and professional experience in the design industry, with attention to detail and a aesthetically aware approach enabling me to communicate recipes in an appealing, intriguing and appetising fashion. For more of my design-based recipe work, visit my projects page.


I am always keen to collaborate on new and interesting projects. If you are interested in contacting me, click here.

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