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Homemade Crumpets

What better way to spend a Sunday morning than to make some crumpets from scratch for brunch? A simple and delicious way to make your breakfast, all you need is a bit of time and some muffin rings! I served mine with some coconut yoghurt, a blood orange & rhubarb compote and some chopped pistachio and mint.

Watch the video on how to make these here!

Homemade Crumpets

Makes 16

Takes 90 minutes (10 prep, 50 rest, 30-40 cook)

400ml oat milk

10g yeast

1 tsp sugar

300g flour

6g salt

6g baking powder

Vegan butter for greasing

NOTE: you will need muffin rings.

Heat the oat milk gently on the hob until it's warm to the touch, then remove from heat. Mix in the yeast and sugar and leave for 10-15 minutes for the yeast to activate. You should smell the yeast after a few minutes and see the mix begin to bubble a bit.

Mix the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl, large enough for the batter to expand when proving. Make a furrow in the middle and slowly pour in the wet ingredients, whisking as you add them, until a smooth batter is formed.

Cover the bowl with a tea towel and leave in a warm spot for 30-40 minutes for the batter to prove. It should smell yeasty and have lots of bubbles in it after this time. Mix gently with a spoon to break the structure slightly.

Heat a pan on a low-medium heat and grease it. Grease the muffin rings and place them in the pan and spoon 2 level tablespoons of the batter into the rings, or to just below the level of the ring to avoid them spilling over.

Cook for 2 minutes until the crumpets have firmed up. Test their firmness by gently lifting the ring, if the crumpet holds, regrease the ring and start cooking another crumpet.

When the crumpets have cooked for 4ish minutes, lift them to check the base is well browned, then flip them gently and cook for one minute face down. Repeat the same process with the remaining batter.

Leave cooked crumpets to cook on a wire wrack to avoid them getting too wet.

Eat straight away, store for up to 3 days or freeze for another time. If they’ve lost their bounce, these crumpets come back to life after being popped in the toaster for a couple of minutes.

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