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Leftover Lentil & Romano Chard Parcels

Using the leftover mix from my Lentil & Romano Balls with Rocket recipe two days ago to make these parcels; they may be a little bit fiddly to get the hang of, but they look great and taste even better! Check out the video tutorial below.

NOTE: This recipe uses the leftover mix from my recent recipe; Lentil & Romano Balls with Rocket.

Makes 6

Takes 20 minutes (15/20 prep, 5 cook)

Leftover lentil & romano balls mix

5/6 large rainbow chard leaves (make sure there’s plenty of stalk)

1 tbsp olive oil

Taking a tablespoon of the mix at a time, place it in the middle of the leaf and fold over the tip of the leaf to cover it.

Fold in the sides and roll it up slowly, gently pinching in any loose leaf, until you reach the base of the leaf.

Carefully snap the stem, without breaking it off, and fold it diagonally over the parcel and snap it again to hold the fold.

Tuck the remaining stem under the base of the stem on the other side of the parcel, and firmly push it in, balancing the volume of the stuffing to either side of the spine of the leaf.

When all of the packets are done, put a frying pan on maximum heat, and add the tablespoon of olive oil to it. When the pan is hot, flash fry the parcels for 2-3 minutes on each side, pressing them to the pan.

Serve them straight away.

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