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Single Bake Squash

A quick, 6 ingredient dish that is perfect for this time of year, this single bake rosemary squash is delicious! I used Delicata squash as it has a sweet flavour and softer texture, but my recipe instructs you on how you can make it just as easily with a butternut if that's all there is available! Making the most of seasonal produce.

Serves one

Takes 30 minutes (10 prep, 20 cook)

1 small squash - 20cm long (I used the Delicata variety as it’s hollow all the way along it’s length)

2 tbsp of olive oil

2 tsp of salt

2 tsp of pepper

2 coves of garlic

4 sprigs of rosemary

NOTE: if the only squash at your disposal is a butternut squash, follow the same steps as in the recipe below, but make some alterations: picking a small one, cut it instead where the squash begins to become bulbous, and peel and chop the top half. Likewise; deseed and score the bottom half, leaving it hollow.

Preheat the oven to 220C.

Peel half of the squash lengthways, placing the peeled skin in a baking tray.

Halve the squash lengthways, deseed it and place the seeds in a sieve under running water, picking out the pith and removing the squash residue with the water. Add the seeds to the baking tray with the skin.

With the peeled half of the squash, cube it into 1cm pieces and add it to the same baking tray with the skin and seeds.

Crush and chop the garlic and add it to the squash pieces, seeds and skin.

Mix in half of the olive oil, salt and pepper and 2 of the rosemary sprigs - having removed the stems, with all the chilli flakes into the squash mix in the baking tray, making sure it’s thoroughly coated.

Score the other half of squash, avoiding breaking the skin by cutting all the way through, to a rough 1cm grid. Put the remaining olive oil, salt and pepper in the hollow of the whole squash half and, using the back of a spoon, rub the mix into the grid to force the oil into the cuts.

Make a space for the squash in the middle of the baking tray and place it there, putting the remaining rosemary sprigs in the hollow of the squash.

Bake the squash for 10 minutes on the top shelf of the oven before moving around the contents of the tray (apart from the half squash) then bake for a further 10 minutes.

Serve straight away.

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