"This week's friend of Traffique is recipe developer Barney Pau. We caught up with him in, Dalston, Shoreditch's trendy little sister, a culturally diverse area, with gentrification creeping steadily through. There’s a common thread running through Barney's life; a love for crisp lines and minimalism that mirror his reserved demeanour, the aesthetics of his clothes and his purist vegan diet.


That said, Barney thrives in this frenetic area; the multitude of cultures and ideas are a sartorial stimulus, and he is the perfect clothes horse at a statuesque 6ft 5'. "When I walk down the street I like to look suave, that feeling of everything in order," he says.


Though not immediately evident, there's an underground influence, London's ‘club kid’ scene that takes cues from 80’s NY with ironic references and a scattering of sequins and suits that challenge typical club wear. "It has inspired me to innovate and express myself through my style," says Barney.


We had the pleasure of sampling some culinary delights in Barney's kitchen. With a background in graphic design, there's a cross-pollination in the minimalist presentations of his vegan dishes. He transitioned to recipe development five months ago citing the environment as his influence: "In this ready to go society, it’s nature that should dictate what we eat, we should innovate with what's available."


Barney loves to work earthy middle eastern flavours into his recipes, where nature is the co-curator of dishes made with seasonal organic produce; a collaboration with delicious results; we sampled his pancakes and who knew that buckwheat could taste so good! From attire to entrée - Barney is all about taste!"



Words by Leigh Maynard for Traffique

July 2018

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