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Gastronomic Grieving with Michele Chu at the Deflina Foundation

Photos by Anne Tetzlaff.

Event listing. Event copy:

"Join our artist-in-residence Michele Chu and collaborator Barney Pau for an afternoon exploring collective mourning through food, in which participants are invited to craft and share mourning rituals.

This workshop will open with a short welcome and introduction, followed by an introduction of tools that Michele and Barney developed to build a collective mourning ritual. Participants in this workshop will work in groups to build their own grieving ritual by connecting emotions to tastes and textures, whilst thinking about their desired emotional outcomes for the workshop. At the end, participants will share with the group their food-based mourning rituals.

Through this experimental workshop, participants will be encouraged to think about how the foods they eat might help them renegotiate their approach to grief, and write their own rituals of loss."

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