Food, in its ubiquity, transcends language. I believe that by applying its powers of communication as a medium it is possible to impart the wisdom of sustainable consumption to others.

Writing and design are integral to my interest in the future of food; where design allows me to visualise my thinking, writing enables me to verbalise it. Both forms of communication are now integral to my practice. At the confluence of the two, I recently launched Finger Food Magazine: a contributor focussed space for stories, artwork, and essays, in any and all mediums, exploring cooking, craft, and creation.

I have taken my interest in exploring the future of food into my studies. In my current research, bread is my touchstone: it’s entwined history with agriculture; the infrastructural problems it causes; and the potential solutions it presents. My inquiry also focuses on queering food; how we can interrogate contemporary consumptive norms by altering our practises.


I find strength and inspiration in knowledge, and when I am not studying or writing I am usually reading. In my free time I regularly return to Bath, my hometown, to spend my time in the countryside, learning the language of the landscape and teaching myself botany through drawing and foraging.


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