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BA Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London


Diploma in Vegan Cooking from The Vegan Chef School.


Distinction from MA Art and Ecology at Goldsmiths, University of London.


Guest student on the Food & Art Alternative MA at The Gramounce.



Created a 'forageable tablescape' for TOAST menswear launch, spring '24.

Hosted a foraged fermenting workshop at TOAST Notting Hill.

Lecturer for Goldsmiths MFA Curating on food publishing.

Collaborated with aequill Perfumery on Savouring Scents.

Created bespoke foraged cordials for TOAST womenswear launch, spring '24, served in 20 stores.

Catered for Talia Byre's AW24 London Fashion Week presenation.

Catered an LGBTQ+ Brunch for Newham Council.

Collaborated with artist Michele Chu on Gastronomic Grieving at the Delfina Foundation.

Hosted a foraging workshop for the residents of the Delfina Foundation.

Hosted Bridging the Gap supper club.


Hosted Found Scrounged Scrumped and Wild about... supper clubs.

Hosted a foraging workshop for the residents of the Delfina Foundation.

Comissioned to write a 6-part series on Queering Theory for MOLD Magazine.

Exhibited Out of the Peat for Djuna O'Neill's Black Butter at Flatlands projects.

Exhibited ‘Unnatural’ Nature at Have a Butchers gallery.
Catered multiple food installations for Goldsmiths, University of London.

Hosted Queering Consumption: A very camp supper club.

Guest lecturer for The Gramounce Foundations course on Food & Gender.

Freelance photographer for the Delfina Foundation.

Published with The Preserve Journal [Issues 9 & 10], Entangled Landscapes, Sissy Anarchy.

Hosted The Ecology of Dereliction: A forageable supper club.

Hosted The Ecology of Dereliction tasting menu for Eyesore Magazine Issue 5 launch.

Radical Queer Bakers featured in QUEERCIRCLE's A to Zine exhibition.

Weekly writer, and editor of The Gramounce Journal.


Guest panellist on From City to Table talk for Emerge East, run by Hemingway Design.

Interviewed on The Ecology of Dereliction by Eyesore Magazine for Montez Press Radio.

Published with The Preserve Journal [Issues 7 & 8], Eyesore Magazine [Issue 5], Fayd Online Magazine, CIRCA, MOLD Magazine, and Recessed Space.

Designed and published ‘Agnes Denes: Another Confrontation’ with CIRCA.


Chef at Site X Supernature London.

Published with The Preserve Journal [Issue 6] and for Filler Zine [Issue 5].

Launched Finger Food Magazine [Issue 1].


Chef at Site London, The Fields Beneath, & Mother Works.

Invited speaker on ethical consumerism for "Survival and Success Conference" [audio here]

Founded Finger Food Magazine.

Published with The Preserve Journal [Issue 5], Horrid Covid Magazine, Eyesore Magazine.


Chef at The Fields Beneath, Palm Greens, & Unity Diner

Private chef catering, self-organised supper-clubs


Freelance design work

Production assistant at Selfridges, Regent Street, London

Freelance retouching for Katharine Hamnett, Major Zcene

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