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Goldsmiths University Commission: Art Research Garden Seminar

Event copy:

"This project stems, on the one hand, from [Anna Colin's] PhD, which explored in part the lifespan of alternative (educational and cultural) spaces, and tactics to overcome their demise or morphing into mainstream institutions, and more broadly speaking, chrononormativity. On the other hand, it is informed by my ongoing horticultural and permaculture design training as well as my curatorial and pedagogical work, which is increasingly placed at the service of ecosystems, thus subject to nature’s seasonal cycles. 


The project focuses on the concept of time – slow, anxious, ecological, institutional, queer – and on the practice of stewardship. It will question where and how to look for a reconceptualization of waiting, slowness, and longevity, and how this reconceptualization may benefit cultural practice, the design of future institutions, or the redesign of existing ones."

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