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The Ecology of Dereliction: A forageable supper club


Event listing. Event copy:

"Derelict spaces are everywhere. Be they untenable or undiscovered, these liminal pockets blur the line between culture and nature. From a crack in the pavement to a disused airfield; each makes space for multispecies assemblages to carve ecological niches in the sterility of our urban sprawl.

Join Barney Pau for a forageable plant-based supper club themed on The Ecology of Dereliction, an article which explores the ecological succession of derelict urban sites. Expect the unexpected: from fermented banana skins to leaf litter crackers; and the sprouts of weeds to candied hogweed seeds. This supper club will take you on a culinary expedition into forgotten urban spaces where unwanted nature has been left to thrive, and make us question how firm the divide between 'nature,' and 'culture' really is...

Guests are invited to forage for their food among a curated tablescape of the detritus of dereliction. Be advised: not everything is edible... Communal seating is recommended; chatting to strangers is encouraged."

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