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Intimate Ingesting; Ingesting Intimacy

In collaboration with Fatima Alaiwat. Commissioned by hARTslane Gallery.

For the first instalment of their 'Dinner Art Project,' hARTslane Gallery in New Cross commissioned fellow artist Fatima Alaiwat and I to create a community focussed event which engaged with the area.

Focussing on repetition over novelty, as a means of care and intimacy, we explored ways of activating food/eating as practice for relearning, reinvesting and rewilding things we care for. Over the course of the event, we created 3 different foods, all using the same ingredients, to focus on the variability that can be found in repetition. These food centred on the three prompts: one part being the physicality of eating; one about provenance; and one about a poetic intervention. The intention was to explore how these three separate approaches invite modes of intimacy in ingesting.

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