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Out of the Peat

In response to Djuna O'Neill's show, The ground is kind, black butter at Flatlands Projects.

Event listing. Event copy:

"Building on the communal ethos and atemporality of The ground is kind, black butter, food artist Barney Pau will be creating an edible installation and tasting menu with fermented and foraged goods in response to Djuna O'Neill's installation.

Out of the Peat is part of an ongoing series of events which challenge the way we eat by inviting guests to interact with a tablescape to 'forage' for their food. From the soils whence the ingredients came, to the mouths they go to feed; each element of this feast has been carefully considered to create a culinary experience that might inspire guests to consider consumption differently. Expect the unexpected, from fermented foraged foods; to leaf-litter crackers; to candied weeds.

A bespoke tablecloth is being produced for this event by Andia Coral Newton using local coastal materials as dying agents. The colours of Andia’s textiles are often determined by which colours she can make from local plants: the act of foraging and concocting dye baths for the yarn or cloth (scavenging) informs the overall design of the finished work.

This event has been co-produced by Can Host (Caitlin Fleming and Jacob Michael)."

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