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Savouring Scents with aequill Perfumery

Tablescape by Megan Lambert / photos by Rūta Vero / supplied by Wholegood.

Press: Culted / TAT London / Luxury London / London on the Inside

Event listing. Event copy:

"Savouring Scents is an experimental multi-sensory workshop and art experience which seeks to blur the lines between flavour and fragrance. The event is a collaboration between plant-based culinary artist Barney Pau, and Jintana Khieochaum, founder of aequill perfumery.

Guests will first be presented with 25 scents carefully selected by Jintana, alongside which will be served a bespoke menu of canapés and cocktails, developed by Barney to complement the scents. They will then create a perfume unique to their taste. The result will be an immersive, multi-sensory experience which blurs the boundaries between the senses.

Savouring Scents endeavours to bring together two unique luxury experiences in a new and exciting way, promising to give guests an experience like no other. The target audience is creative professionals interested in both art and luxury, with a taste for new and unusual experiences which indulge the senses."

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