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The Baker’s Bedroom is a challenge to heteronormativity. By using codified queer symbolism and a language of perversion, this piece inverts widely held assumptions domesticity; taking baking out of the kitchen and into the bedroom bends the norm, corrupting the codified strictures of hetero-society that dominate domestic life. The low lit, bedside setting conjures an intimate scene of secrecy, illicit gay activities, and sexual expression.

The foreground of
The Cottager’s Garden takes inspiration from Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage, while in the background, plantation systems and industrial agriculture dominate. Between the two is a white picket fence, symbol of urbanity. The title refers to illicit gay sex as well as alluding to the 'cottage garden' of the English countryside.

Centrefold depicts a tender scene of queer love. The poster, folded and hidden away from the prying eyes of hetero-society, has been pinned up in the privacy of the bedroom.

Promiscous alludes to diversity; intercropping grains and legumes is an ancient method of sustainable agriculture that has been embodied by this loaf, while taking the form of its industrial counterpart. The red bandanna is a reference to gay semiotics, building on the promiscuity of the loaf.

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