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The Baker's Bedroom - Close-up.jpg

The Baker’s Bedroom 2 builds upon the ideas surrounding The Baker’s Bedroom 1 with more tropes of domesticity. The toile wallpaper, a symbol of settled bucolic life, is subverted with images of men fucking in fields. Nature has historically allowed a space for homosexual sex to happen, away from the prying eyes of society.

The evolution of the loaf into the 'Bent Bread' seen here was inspired by that symbol of domesticity; the baking tin. Rigid and cuboidal, the bread it bakes is bound by heteronormative constrictions. By 'bending' the tin—a play on the homophobic insult 'bender'—the bread is allowed to be experimental, taking new and exciting forms.

The corn dolly is an ode to my earlier work Geologic Bread, where I baked cuboidal loaves to communicate sustainability to future societies. On reflection I realised the permanence of this practice was decidedly biased. By creating a corn dolly to be plowed into the field I experiment with a more ephemeral form of communication.

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