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Wild about wines, foraging & ferments in collaboration with Fóns Wines

Event listing. Event copy:

"Wild about wines, foraging & ferments is a collaboration between plant-based cook Barney Pau, and wine consultant Fóns, founded by Ellen McDougal. Together, they are uniting their respective passions for foraged and fermented foods and delicious wines to bring you a delicious evening of experimental tasting, in which each dish is developed to specifically enhance the wine's flavours. 

Expect unusual flavour combinations, experimental textures, and strange plating, as Barney serves three courses of his signature dishes, each exploring his interests in the non-normative practices of foraging and fermenting. Follow Ellen on a delicious journey with her carefully curated selection of wines, starting with the sparkles of a refreshingly crisp and fruity pet nat; through to the mineral saltiness of a citrussy white; before settling on a soft, light-bodied red with earthy undertones."

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